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Chase ends in arrest; crack, pot seizure

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A chase in Scotland Neck Thursday ended with the seizure of 28 crack rocks and 1.8 ounces of marijuana, the town’s police department reports.

Captain T. Parker said officers are familiar with the man arrested, 32-year-old Larrael Jones, who he said has an extensive criminal history.
The events which led to his arrest began when Sergeant J. Vlask and Officer C. Little noticed a vehicle illegally parked in the roadway on Grace Street, Parker said in a statement.
Upon investigating, they noticed the driver appeared to be someone wanted by police.
They observed the driver get in the car and leave.
To address the parking issue and to confirm the identity of the driver, they attempted to stop the vehicle.
Jones, of Scotland Neck, refused to stop for the officer's blue lights and siren.
After a short chase ending on Elm Street, Jones fled from the vehicle and was pursued and caught by Little.
During the chase, Vlask recovered items thrown from the vehicle, which included the crack, marijuana and a pistol.
Jones faces multiple charges which include drug-related felonies, and resist, delay, and obstruction of an officer.
He was jailed under $30,000 secured bond at the Halifax County Detention Center. He has multiple court dates scheduled for later this month.

He faces the following charges:

Felony possession of cocaine
Felony possession with intent to sell and deliver schedule VI
Felony possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver schedule II
Felony maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance
Misdemeanor carrying a concealed gun
Misdemeanor possession of marijuana paraphernalia
Misdemeanor resisting a public officer
Illegal parking


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