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RR brothers indicted in Northampton drug sting

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Two Roanoke Rapids brothers face cocaine charges in Northampton County.

Tirrel “Big Twin” Simmons and Terrell “Lil’ Twin” Simmons were both indicted on true bills for possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine; felony possession of cocaine and felony maintaining a dwelling for keeping a controlled substance during this month’s term of superior court in Northampton County.
Their arrests were part of Operation First Wave in conjunction with the Down East Drug Task Force and an investigation concentrated in the Gaston area of Northampton County, Lieutenant A.J. Thomas of the sheriff’s office said in a statement.
The Simmons twins reportedly have drug contacts in the Gaston area, Captain A.M. Harris of the City County Drug Task Force in Halifax County, which assisted with their arrests Monday, said today.
Northampton County Jack Smith also confirmed the brothers have been known to frequent the county.
Thomas said this afternoon this is the second time they have been arrested in Northampton County.
Both brothers are on 60-month supervised probation after being convicted of counts associated with larceny and possession of stolen goods in Halifax County, according to state court records.
Thomas said investigation of the twins has been going on “for quite a while” and the indictment came from controlled purchases of crack from them.
The brothers, who maintain a Sam Powell Dairy Road address, were arrested Monday following a traffic stop on Highway 158 in Roanoke Rapids at the farmer’s market.
The brothers received $30,000 bonds and April 24 court dates.
Thomas said in the statement the City County Drug Task Force and the Roanoke Rapids played a big role in the case. “Working jointly and diligently for a common goal is critical on the war on narcotics use and sale. Without the help of the Roanoke Rapids Police Department, the start of this operation would not have been possible. They were vital in the early stages of this operation.”
Thomas said more arrests are forthcoming in Operation First Wave.
“It was a success,” Smith said. “It took all parties working together. A considerable amount of time was taken to bring them to justice.”

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