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Enfield woman dies in Thursday crash

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An Enfield woman died Thursday in a crash at the intersection of highways 301 and 125 outside Halifax.

According to an initial report by Trooper D.P. Efird of the state Highway Patrol, Betty Pitts Crowell, 69, died after the vehicle in which she was a passenger was struck by another vehicle driven by Franklin Bailey, 81, of Greenville.
Shortly after 3:30 p.m., Bailey attempted to make a left turn onto Highway 125 but failed to yield the right of way. His vehicle crossed into the path of the one in which Crowell was a passenger in the right front seat. The vehicles came to rest in the intersection.
Sergeant E.D. Lemons said no alcohol or drug use is suspected.
Efird charged Bailey with fail to yield right of way and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.
Lemons said the cause of the crash is attributed to driver error and sunlight may have played a factor.


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