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Man calls dispatcher to set up drug deal

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A Roanoke Rapids man allegedly wanting to score some Suboxone made a call to Halifax Central communications to set up a meeting that turned out to be with a city narcotics agent. 

The misstep by 24-year-old Dustin Nowell, according to an October 8 report by Agent Daniel Hundley, meant charges of attempting to possess schedule III, simple possession of schedule VI and simple possession of schedule III.

Around 8 p.m., Hundley received a call from a dispatcher saying someone wanted to speak with him. 

Hundley returned the call and Nowell told him he allegedly wanted to buy 20 to 30 Suboxone pills, a medication for heroin withdrawal. 

Hundley set up the meeting with Nowell, who upon seeing who he set up the deal with, surrendered marijuana, dropping it on the ground. Hundley also did a search and discovered and 18 dosage units of Suboxone in Nowell's pockets. 

Police believe Nowell may have been impaired at the time he placed the call to central and Hundley quotes him in the report as saying, “I'm sorry, man, I thought you was the guy I normally order from.” 

Nowell received a $2,000 secured bond and November 6 court date.

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