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Wednesday, 08 February 2017 21:47

Yellow Jackets split with Wildcats

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The Roanoke Rapids Yellow Jackets basketball teams traveled for a conference match-up against the Bunn Wildcats Wednesday night.

The Roanoke Rapids Varsity girls (15-6) beat Bunn 57-34 to remain in first place in the 2A Northern Carolina Conference. with a 12-1 record. Warren County is second with a 11-2 record and the two will wrap up their regular season Friday night at Warren County. Roanoke Rapids win will earn the Lady Jackets their first conference title in many years. If the Jacket would fall they would still be co-conference champions. 

Roanoke Rapids Stats:

Anna Vann scored 10 points

Michelle Stewart scored 15 points

Abbi Carpenter scored 4 points

Taylor Medlin scored 10 points

Alizae Neville scored 16 points

Briana Parrott scored 2 points




The Roanoke Rapids Varsity boys lost the Bunn Wildcats 70-71. 

Roanoke Rapids Stats:

Tyjarek Simmons scored 11 points

Dre Terry scored 21 points

Tyraybiya Kearney scored 5 points

Paul Whitby scored 10 points

Quincy Vann scored 8 points

Semaji Smith scored 4 points

Zach Vincent scored 5 points

Faulcon scored 6 points



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