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Saturday, 18 March 2017 21:40

Clary's car show beats mother nature

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Clary's car show beats mother nature Photo by Randy Wrenn

The Halifax County Clary's Motor Speedway dirt track located in Brinkleyville held it's 1st Annual Car Show at Tractor Supply of Roanoke Rapids NC Staudary March 18th.

The time was pushed later a few hours to let the rain showers clear out and more than a dozen racecars battled the light rain and showed of their 2017 looks to race fans young and old.

"Clary's Motor Speedway would like to thank everyone for the support of the car show today, stated Clary's staff. 

Next weekend, March 25th there will be an open practice for all divisions. Gates open at 2 pm and practice will start at 3 pm till 7pm. At the  practice you may go thru tech.

Care Show Photos by Randy Wrenn


Clary's Motor Speedway Gears Up For The 2017 Race Season

Clary's Motor Speedway is ready to kick off its 2017 race season under the new management of Michael Wells Jr and Brad Arthur. The speedway is excited to announce that the 2017 rules, schedule, and purse information has been posted on the Clary's Motor Speedway website at www.clarysspeedway.com . If anyone has any questions concerning the rules please feel free to contact Michael Wells Jr at 252-532-2632 or Brad Arthur at 252-532-9626. You can also Email the speedway at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Clary's Motor Speedway will host racing in several different divisions throughout the 2017 race season which include: Late Model, Limited Sportsman, Pure Stock V8, Super Stock 4 Cylinder, Pure Stock 4 Cylinder, U-Car, Open Wheel Modified, and UTV.


Clary's Motor Speedway will feature Side By Side UTV Races sponsored by Performance East out of Goldsboro, North Carolina on occasions in 2017.

Clary's Motor Speedway will hold open practice on Saturday March 25th for all divisions and on Saturday April 1st Clary's Motor Speedway will kick off its first event for the 2017 race season with racing in Late Model, Limited Sportsman, Pure Stock V8, Pure Stock 4 Cylinder, and U-Car. The Pure Stock V8 division will be having a special event on opening night paying $400 to win. April 1st will also be their first points race along with our annual car show.

Don't miss out on the best dirt track racing in the Carolina's. Make Clary's Motor Speedway "Where Legends Are Born" your home track in 2017.

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