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Monday, 20 March 2017 23:02

Jackets outlast Raiders

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The Roanoke Rapids Lady Yellow Jackets soccer team hosted the Southern Vance Raiders at Hoyle field Monday evening.

The Roanoke Rapids Jackets outlast the Southern Vance Raider and won the match 2-1

Goal for Roanoke Rapids were made by Morgan Davis and Ella King.

Post match comments from Roanoke Rapids head coach Craig Jean, "I'm very glad my girls were able to find a way to get the win tonight. We had some good scoring chances early that we couldn't finish. We didn't play a great first half. In the 2nd half Abbey Acree went in goal and Kristy Price went on the field so we could use her speed, toughness and athleticism to create chances up top. Even though we had scoring chances, we made a mistake and went down 0-1 at the 32 minutes mark. We held our composure and immediately responded when Kristy Price was fouled a minute later. Taylor Epps hit a great set piece that the GK deflected off the crossbar and Morgan Davis followed for the goal. We had a feeling that it was a matter of time before we would score the game winner because we were getting scoring chances. We missed a few scoring chances and Abbey Acree made a couple of great saves in the goal that kept it 1-1. Kristy Price was fouled at almost the same spot with 2:40 left in the game. Ella King stepped up and hit a magical set piece game winner. We are on a winning streak and look to make it 3 in a row against a tough Franklinton team on Wednesday night at home."

Match photos by Randy Wrenn




The 2017 Roanoke Rapids Lady Yellow Jackets Soccer scheduled.

WIN                    Hertford Co.   0          RRHS   9          (1-0)

LOSS                   DSA   4                     RRHS   0          (1-1)     Conference (0-1)

LOSS                   South Granville   4      RRHS   0          (1-2)     Conference (0-2)

WIN                     Hertford Co.   2         RRHS   7          (2-2)     Conference (0-2)

WIN                    Southern Vance   1     RRHS   2          (3-2)     Conference (1-2)

Wed. 3/22             Franklinton           Home             6:00


Thurs. 3/23           NHS                      Away             6:00


Mon. 3/27             Bunn                     Away             6:00


Wed. 3/29             DSA                      Away             6:00


Mon. 4/3               South Granville    Home             6:00


Thurs. 4/6             NCSSM                Away             6:00


Mon. 4/10             NHS                      Home             6:00


Mon. 4/24             NCSSM                Home             6:00


Wed. 4/26             Southern Vance   Away             6:00


Mon. 5/1               Franklinton           Away             6:00


Wed. 5/3               Bunn                     Home             6:00

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