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Woman charged after leaving children in car while gaming

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Scotland Neck police are continuing an investigation after its officers responded to a report of an infant and toddler in a locked car while their mother was reportedly playing a sweepstakes game Thursday afternoon.


Captain Tommy Parker said in a statement the police department is trying to determine exactly how long Shaneisha Smith, 21, of Hobgood, reportedly left the children in a running vehicle.

Based on surveillance footage, the children were in the vehicle for at least 40 minutes, Parker said in a statement. He said the time could be longer.

Parker said the air conditioning was running but no one was around the vehicle, which was parked in the lot of a gas company.

The infant and 1-year-old were found around 3:40 p.m. in the backseat and Smith was found inside a gaming establishment.

Based on footage, Parker said in the statement, the infants were left in the car and in direct sunlight while the temperature outside was above 90 degrees.

Sergeant J. Vlasak arrested Smith on two counts of misdemeanor child abuse.

The children appeared healthy and alert and were left in the care of a family member.

The department of social services was contacted and is conducting an investigation.

Parker said in the statement employees and customers of the sweepstakes were unaware of what happened and the owner has permanently banned Smith from the property.

Smith was transported to the Halifax County Detention Center. She has a court date scheduled for August 8. She received a $6,000 secured bond.

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