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Ryland jailed on $500K bond after 2nd-degree murder count lodged

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The man charged in the traffic death of a 17-year-old Virginia girl is now in custody in the Halifax County Detention Center on $500,000 bond.

This comes after the North Carolina State Highway Patrol filed a second-degree murder charge against the 45-year-old man, Glen Anthony Ryland, of Hollister, First Sergeant M.O. Silveri said today.

Silveri said the patrol is working with the district attorney’s office in the case on obtaining a subpoena for medical records, which would show Ryland’s blood alcohol content at the time of the crash the afternoon of September 2 on Highway 43 in the Hollister area.

Briana Bugg, a senior at Park View High School in South Hill, died the following day from injuries sustained in the crash.

The second-degree murder charge was added after a review of Ryland’s driving record last week.

The highway patrol said last week that review shows Ryland was on probation for DWI when the crash occurred as Bugg and her family were traveling to Greenville for an ECU football game.

Ryland, according to state Department of Public Safety records, has had two DWI convictions in Halifax County, one on June 2 in which he was sentenced to 24 months probation and one on May 27 of last year in which he was sentenced to 18 months probation. The conviction this year stems from an offense in February of last year while the 2016 conviction stems from an offense in January of 2015.

Court officials declined to comment on the probation sentences. One did say privately the sentences he received are fairly common.

District Attorney Valerie Asbell said earlier this week, “The officer made contact with the DA’s office and while Trooper (Scott) Richardson continues to investigate we will aid law enforcement in any way possible.”

What has surfaced since the initial inquiry into the recent and past Halifax County charges is that Ryland has pending charges in Warren County where he is scheduled to appear in court on November 15 for DWI; possession of open container; civil revocation; driving while license revoked impaired driving; fail to maintain to lane control and hit and run/fail to stop for property damage.

In September of 2013 he had a DWI charge dismissed for lack of evidence in Northampton County.

In 1990 in Northampton County he had a conviction of DWI which ended with a 30-day sentence and 12-months probation.

Richardson said earlier this week the investigation is ongoing and other charges are possible including felony counts.

According to the latest Halifax County District Court calendar, Ryland has court dates in September and November.

On September 20 he is scheduled to appear in court for DWI, driving while license revoked, civil revocation and probation review.

The state Department of Public Safety earlier this week declined comment on what their recommendation would be be for the probation review.

Silveri said the Highway Patrol has no input into the probation review unless asked by DPS.

Ryland is also expected to face the second-degree murder charge on September 20.

On November 27 Ryland is expected to appear in district court on the charges of DWI, driving while license revoked, speed in excess of 55 miles per hour, drive left of center, reckless driving to endanger and fail to maintain lane control.



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