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Honda staff presents new iPhone to Kearney

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Kearney is flanked by Scott, left, and Robinson. Kearney is flanked by Scott, left, and Robinson.

Sam Kearney’s act of bravery Sunday — jumping in a creek to save an elderly woman and her son following a crash — struck a chord with Shawn Robinson and Joel Scott.

When they read his iPhone was destroyed in the rescue effort the Honda of Roanoke Rapids salesmen chipped in to get the 14-year-old a new one.

“I was impressed by his actions,” said Scott. “He’s a remarkable young man.”

Said Robinson: “I think it was a heroic effort. It’s not something you hear every day. I think this young man has a bright future ahead of him. I felt it was the only thing he could do.”

While Sam was presented the phone Wednesday, Scott didn’t have a chance to meet him so the Northwest Halifax student and his mother, Lydia, came back to the dealership on Premier Boulevard today.

For the Kearneys, the events on Sunday have been a whirlwind of congratulations and praise.

When Sam went back to school Tuesday he said classmates and staff told him, “They were proud of what I did. Everyone said it was the right thing.”

As far as the gift by Robinson and Scott, Sam said, “I was very thankful.”

Mrs. Kearney said people have come up to her and told her, “You’ve got a good boy. He did the right thing.”

Mrs. Kearney said, however, she and her son still don’t take the credit for what happened in the aftermath of the crash on Highway 903 near Walnut Grove Road when the vehicle Bruce Wills was driving careened down the embankment with his mother, Racheal, 78, as a passenger. “God had something for that man and woman to do … We were in the right place at the right time. The glory belongs to God.”

The Kearneys met the Wills Wednesday night at a church meeting, Mrs. Kearney said. “She’s out walking and talking. They hugged our necks, they gave us a warm hug.”


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