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Friday, 07 April 2017 12:32

Team SXF headed to Charlotte Sprint Spartan race

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Team SXF headed to Charlotte Sprint Spartan race Photo by Randy Wrenn

The newly opened Spartan XFIT gym has 17 of its members, most of whom are new to Spartan, off to the races this Saturday and it's not just a marathon — it's a physical and mental race.

Team SXF, which stands for local gym Spartan XFIT, will compete alongside 3,000 to 5,000 competitors in the single runner style event on a obstacle course up to five miles long with up to 15 to 20 obstacles to maneuver through.

Even though this is a single style race, the SXF team will stay together and help each other make it through until the end.

Gym owner Tracy Story stated, "I was just not happy with the results and strengths I had in other styles of training, so I explored other options and found what we call Extreme Training which is Spartan extreme. We at Spartan XFIT scale our workouts to fit each member to fit their limit they can do and help achieve their goals set."

Story ran four Spartan events last year and already ran one event this year.

Tracy Dahlem, a newcomer to Spartan, will run her first event. "I have been in fitness for a long time, but I got into Spartan because I was just looking for something different. I have seen more and quicker results in the past two months than I ever have before. This is something new and with me being kind of an adrenaline junkie I am ready to see what this is going  to bring.”

Newcomer Holly Britton, said began working out two months ago. "I love challenges and I wasn't going to let these people do this event without me there. I am nervous and never have tried anything like this before, but willing to try it."

Story said, "Britton has never trained and she just deadlifted 145 pounds and she doesn't  weigh near that much. That is tremendous in training in just two months."

Dahlem said, "Story and his staff are here to train us in proper form and doing it the right way. Spartan XFIT is about family and friendship and not  leaving anyone behind. There is no head trainer, we train each other as a family and progress together."

Story stated, "Everybody is preparing for this race with a lot of unknowns to them, because they have not run this style of race before. I believe just like it did for me, once they run and complete this first race they will get hooked. My ultimate goal in a 12-month period for Tracy, Holly and anyone else who is running this with us is a trifecta. Which is if you complete a Sprint (Up to 5 miles), super (8-10) miles  and a beast 12-15 miles event in a 12-month period you receive a trifecta. It is a group and family atmosphere and is about becoming a better person and showing others courage and positive enforcement that they can do anything you put your mind to it."

Everyone has been practicing a lot of course obstacles, such as the wall climb, rope climb, carrying weights, army crawl. Story has a small course set up at his house and they have ran it several times preparing for this upcoming event.

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