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Responding to the rejection of a proposed interlocal agreement on county 911 center funding by Roanoke Rapids City Council last week, Halifax County commissioners today approved an amended document.

The document, which commissioners approved unanimously, specifically states the county “has proposed an amendment to the original agreement in order to persuade Littleton and Roanoke Rapids to adopt a resolution authorizing the execution of this amended and restated agreement conditioned upon its approval by the county, Enfield, Scotland Neck and Weldon.”

Enfield, Scotland Neck, and Weldon have already approved the original proposal.

County Attorney Glynn Rollins told the board the amended agreement addresses shortfalls and overages for the cost of 911 center personnel in a given fiscal year.

As approved today, the amendment states if there is a shortfall of budgeted revenues for the cost of personnel in a given fiscal year the municipalities would be required to remit additional funding to cover the deficit.

If there is a surplus, then the county would remit the overage back to the municipal governments.

The same percentages used to determine the initial level of funding will apply to the shortfalls and overages, the amendment says.

Those shortfalls and overages will be determined by the county finance director on or before July 31 following the end of the fiscal year and invoices for shortfalls or refunds of the overages will be made on or before August 15 following the end of the fiscal year.

Roanoke Rapids City Attorney Geoffrey Davis this afternoon said he did not have an immediate comment on the action taken by the county since he needs to discuss the matter with city council. “ … I’m encouraged that the county has considered this amendment. The city council expressed a desire to review any amendment at its last meeting, and I suspect they will do so in a timely fashion."

Earlier this month the county approved the original agreement and said municipalities would see some savings in what they pay to fund the county 911 center.

In response to a question posed by Commissioner Marcelle Smith, Rollins said, “If all five (municipalities) can’t get onboard then I am flummoxed about what to do. We’re trying to get (to a point) where all five municipalities are onboard with this. If they don’t, I don’t know what to tell you.”