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Due to the decline in COVID-19 cases as well as a decline in the percentage of positive cases, the Halifax County Health Department, as of today, will be only providing the total number of positives since 2020, the number of new positive cases and the number of related deaths.

The health department added two positive cases to this week’s report. Since March of 2020 there have been 13,907 total positives. There have been 182 related deaths.

“With our present numbers I am excited we get to enjoy some semblance of normal,” health Director Bruce Robistow said. “However, COVID-19 is still with us and there’s a new sub-variant that has reached the United States.”

As the virus has reached an endemic state, meaning it will be much like the common cold, the health director said, “My concern lies with the low number of fully vaccinated people in Halifax County which is at 54 percent. This leaves the citizens of Halifax County open to severe illness and possibly even death and will remain as such until we get to 75 percent to 85 percent to reach herd immunity.”

The percentage of positive cases was at .17 percent for this week, Robistow said.

The Northampton County Health Department reported Wednesday there have been 4,320 total positive cases of which 4,238 have recovered. There were five active cases. There have been 77 related deaths.