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A bill that would prohibit keeping dogs tethered in extreme weather conditions has been introduced by a Wake County lawmaker in honor of her canine companion.

Called the  Fiona Mae Wagglebottom’s Act, state Representative Allison Dahle introduced the bill last week.

The bill has the backing of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

If enacted, the legislation would prohibit keeping dogs tethered outdoors during storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, or when temperatures are below 32 or above 85 degrees.

The bill is named after Dahle’s canine companion — Fiona Mae Wagglebottom.

Fiona was formerly a tethered dog and was rescued by law enforcement. She sustained a broken tail and had a number of long-lasting medical issues, but enjoyed a number of years in Dahle’s home.

“She was the sweetest dog I had ever had, and she bounced back, but no animal should ever have to live the way she lived,” said Dahle. “This bill would be a lifesaver for the countless dogs in our state who are kept chained outdoors, at risk of baking to death in the summer heat, freezing in the winter, and drowning during severe storms.”

PETA said humane officers regularly come across dogs chained or penned outdoors with no reprieve from harsh weather conditions. 

Last summer in Roanoke Rapids, a dog named Star was found dead of heatstroke at the end of a chain in the 90-degree heat.

Under Dahle’s bill, keeping a dog chained during such temperatures would be illegal.

A PDF of the bill as currently written can be found at this link