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Trillium Health Resources is delivering 1,000 gun locks to juvenile justice offices within its 28-county region. 

These deliveries follow a successful campaign to place 1,000 gun locks with department of social services offices earlier this year.

“Our offices work with youth and their families to reduce recidivism and safely engage with their communities,” said Edward Hall, Trillium’s director of the department of juvenile justice systems engagement.

Hall said, according to the North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management, 55 percent  of high-risk juveniles recidivate within five years. “Trillium engages with these offices to make sure justice-involved youth have the services, supports, and tools they need to lead fulfilled lives. Reducing gun violence with these locks is one way we are reinforcing that goal.”

According to the North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics, more than half of firearms stored at home are not secured, leading to preventable crimes. 

“Initiatives such as NC SAFE — Secure All Firearms Effectively — emphasize how simple steps like locking firearms can reduce violence and crimes,” Trillium said.