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I am attorney Sammy D. Webb.  

I am a candidate for Halifax County Commissioner.  

I want to let the citizens of Halifax County know where I stand on two very important issues, taxes and school merger.

We are facing the highest inflation in over 40 years.  

Grocery prices are high, gas prices are high, the cost to heat our homes has increased and mortgage rates have increased. 

I will not raise property taxes.  

When I am elected, I will carefully and thoroughly review the budget.  

I will fight to end any wasteful spending and I will meet with the department heads to find ways to cut costs.

I believe that our schools should remain autonomous.  

Each school system has its uniqueness, its history, and a sense of pride.  

Weldon City Schools received $50 million from the need-based grant to build a new school, grades 6-12 and Halifax County Schools received $39 million from the need-based grant to build a new Eastman School, grades Pre-k – 8.  

I support the building of these schools.  

Therefore, I am against school mergers.  

I am asking for your support for Halifax County Commissioner.

Sammy D. Webb

Candidate for Halifax County Commissioner