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As a federally licensed firearms dealer, there aren’t a lot of changes on how we conduct business with the passing of Senate Bill 41.  

The only thing that changes for you — the consumer — is you aren’t required to obtain a pistol purchase permit from your local county sheriff's office anymore. 

I handle the paperwork as if you were buying a shotgun or a rifle.  

After we collect all your personal information I submit a background check with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System — NICS.  

It’s a nationally-run background check system setup by the FBI that we as federal firearms licensees can use to make sure all our sales are to people who don’t have criminal pasts.  

This sort of background check can also be used in the transfer of firearms from person to person through a FFL.  

This way if you decide you want to sell one of your guns and don’t want them to wind up in the wrong hands, the background check is in place to make sure that person is who they say they are.  

This is to ensure that firearm’s don’t wind up in the wrong hands.

The senate bill also funds for a new statewide safe storage and gunlock education act.  

We as FFLs are held responsible by the ATF to make sure that every gun that we sell comes with a lock of some sort.  

These have to be specialty locks that can keep the trigger from being pulled or a loop lock through the action of the firearm to make it safe from being loaded.  

We also give you an ATF pamphlet and let you know that all guns that can be loaded and fired are to be locked away in a safe manner that a minor could not access it and have it go off.  

So in the reality of things, nothing much has really changed in the way the gun business is being handled.  

Background checks are still being done on gun transfers. 

I feel like I speak on the behalf of most gun salesmen that guns are tools and should be respected and handled as so — in a safe environment and a respectful manner.

Justin Kerr

Arbor Barber Armory

Roanoke Rapids