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Dear Halifax Board of Commissioners,

Please reconsider your refusal to fund the Lake Gaston Weed Control Council. 

The LGWCC has been the leader to keep Lake Gaston clean and balanced since it was formed in 1989. 

It led the way to control hydrilla. Lyngbya is the threat now, and will take over the lake, 3-5 years per the scientists, without the leadership provided by the LGWCC and the science that North Carolina State University provides to fight and treat the Lyngbya to continue to keep Lake Gaston clean so that everyone may enjoy the lake. 

There are several day use parks around the lake that are frequented by non-lake residents to have access to the lake. 

One is in Halifax County not far from the hydro-electric dam.

I listened to the summary of the balanced budget present to you in May. 

In fact, in addition to $3.1 million in property taxes, Lake Gaston helps bring in a lot of other revenue:

An advertisement on Halifax’s website to invite tourists to Lake Gaston.

The visitor center has an entire table of places on the lake to spend money. Rental houses, boats, charter fishing guides, the list goes on.

Realtors make a living selling lake property, which generates money for the coffers.

During the pandemic, the contractors were busy beyond their capacity. Supplies were in short supply because of the latest boom in building.

Building requires purchasing permits.

The public is invited to the LGWCC at 6 p.m. at the  Longbridge VFD, Eaton’s Ferry Road. July 20. 2023

Judy Waters