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Halifax Community College (HCC) recognized the distinguished service of its faculty and staff. In addition, the leadership recognized the faculty and staff who have reached milestones in their years of service and those who have retired in the last year.

This year, HCC recognized two individuals for the Presidential Leadership Award. 

Chelsea Harris, the Student Government Association president, was recognized for her hard work and commitment to the students and the future of HCC. She has served as a critical leader for the student body, providing them a voice and representation with the HCC Board of Trustees. “Ms. Harris has truly been an excellent leader and I am delighted to recognize her efforts,” said Dr. Michael Elam, president of HCC. “She has maintained her high GPA while working several jobs and engaging in Phi Theta Kappa and P.R.I.D.E. activities. Her exemplary service and representation on the HCC Board of Trustees is a perfect measure of her commitment to advocacy and high quality learning.”

The second Presidential Leadership Award was presented to Kelly Eller, the Nursing Department Director, for all she has done to move the nursing department forward. “Ms. Eller has distinguished herself as an outstanding leader embodying success among her peers,” Elam said. “In a two year period she worked hard to change the philosophy of the department and dramatically improve the student success outcomes for the nursing students. As a result the Nursing Explorer has ranked the HCC Nursing department #1 out of 75 programs in North Carolina. The exemplary leadership exhibited by Mrs. Eller has led to the creation of an environment of caring and success that will have lasting impact on our students, faculty and this community for years to come.”

The 2020 Faculty of the Year Award was presented to Verna High, Director of the HCC Dental Hygiene Department. 

One of her colleagues wrote, “Mrs. High works extremely hard to make sure that the Dental Hygiene department runs efficiently. Her attention to detail and love for the Dental Hygiene profession, makes it easy for her to train and teach both the instructors and students. Most importantly, Mrs. High is consistent and remains dedicated to her profession, the students, and Halifax Community College as a whole.”

Finally, the 2020 Advisor of the Year Award was presented to Dr. John Eze, the department chair for HCC’s Business Administration department. 

Eze was nominated by a student who wrote, “Dr. Eze is always quick to respond to emails and phone calls, always willing to help any student when he can. He has provided multiple letters of recommendation for scholarships in order to ensure that my academic journey can continue. No matter what is going on, he continues to motivate and encourage me. He has even provided names and phone numbers for advisors outside of my major as I think about other classes to take. He has changed my overall educational plan for the better by recommending that I complete certificate and diploma programs as I work toward my degree.”

In addition to the awards presented, HCC faculty and staff were recognized for reaching milestone years of service to the College. The following individuals have served HCC for five years: Lonnie Barker, department chair for the Medical Laboratory Technology program; Arnette Davis, faculty member in the Medical Laboratory Technology department; Arlene Moore, administrative assistant to the faculty; Lt. Emmett Smith, Chief of Security; and Michael Clay, faculty member in the nursing department.

The following individuals have served HCC for 15 years: Scott Dameron, Health and Physical Education department head; Ethel Edwards, Assistant Registrar; Dr. Julie Galvin, Science department head; Jennifer Jones, Director of Career and College Promise; Jason Shotwell, Welding department head; and Dr. Tamba Thompson, Director of Literacy Education.

Charles Wilkinson, faculty member in the English department, has served HCC for 20 years.

HCC also recognized those faculty and staff who retired from the College during the last academic year. The individuals recognized were: Phil Pair, Psychology and Sociology instructor; Gladys Askew, Workforce Specialist; Gail Greene, Cosmetology department head; Wylene Faulcon-Goins, Food Service Technology instructor; Robert White, security; and Jeffrey Manley, Commercial Cleaning instructor.