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As part of Halifax Community College’s efforts to make the campus as safe as possible, HCC will be implementing a mandatory checkpoint for anyone entering the campus.  

Classes resume August 17.

The checkpoint will be located at the front of the Dr. Phillip W. Taylor Complex (100 Building).  All traffic will enter the campus from Highway 158.  

The road coming from Country Club Road on to campus will be closed due to ongoing construction.  

Vehicles that enter campus will be required to take the first right on campus and to drive into the parking lot in the front of the Dr. Phillip W. Taylor Complex (100 Building).   

Vehicles will exit campus by driving back through the front of campus by the walking trail to leave campus on Highway 158.  Each time a vehicle enters campus it must go through the mandatory checkpoint. 

Everyone entering campus will be asked basic questions regarding health and a non-touch temperature scan will occur from inside their vehicle with a no touch thermometer.  

Any person who fails the questionnaire will be asked to leave campus.  

Any person who fails the temperature test by having a temperature of 100.4 or greater will be given two more tests to determine if their actual temperature is 100.4 or greater.  

Any person who fails the temperature test three times in a 10-minute period will have to leave campus for the day.  

Persons who retest will be asked to remain in their car for a 10-minute period and will be tested twice during that ten-minute period.  

Any person failing that test is strongly recommended to see their doctor or healthcare provider and their provider may administer COVID-19 testing.  

Each person who passes the questionnaire and temperature check will be given a pass for the day.  

Any person returning to campus that same day will need to show their pass at the checkpoint to return to campus more easily without answering more questions and with no further need for a temperature check. 

Other Safety Initiatives:

Everyone entering campus will be required to wear a facemask. Everyone is expected to have their own masks; however, the college will provide a mask if needed. Failure to wear a mask will result in removal from campus.

Everyone on campus is asked to follow social distancing guidelines and remain 6-feet from others.

Approximately 60 hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed on walls in high traffic areas on campus with signage to indicate the hand sanitizing station.

Signs are posted on campus to remind you to wash your hands frequently, maintain social distance and wear a face mask while on campus.

Plexiglass shields are being installed in high traffic service areas and in areas where close proximity with others is expected.

Classroom sizes have been reduced to permit better social distancing and some seated class meetings will be meeting at staggered times.

The campus bookstore is open but is practicing social distancing and encouraging online ordering and delivery along with the use of financial aid online.

The cashier’s office is open but will practice social distancing and will continue to encourage electronic payments.

The custodial team is cleaning at intervals during the day and completing deep cleanings of buildings every evening. 

This includes wiping down high touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, restrooms, water fountains, elevator buttons, and push bars.