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Dr. Michael Elam, president of Halifax Community College, has asked the four school district superintendents to meet with him to explore the possibilities of collaborating and coordinating resources during this unusual COVID-19 period. 

During the summit the educational leaders from the HCC service area will focus specifically on determining how HCC can assist the school districts in providing education to their students in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I have some board members who have expressed concerns about the choices facing our area school districts and wondered if HCC could be of assistance,” Elam said. “My goal is to let the school districts know that Halifax Community College is a partner in education, especially in such unprecedented times as these.”

A major challenge facing local school districts, for example, is a lack of space that would allow students to adequately social distance while learning. Elam indicated that offering space on the HCC campus and in those facilities that are not currently being maximized by traditional students is a possibility.

“The goal of all educators right now is to provide high-quality education in a safe manner, both for students and teachers,” Elam said. “While HCC is taking the proper precautions for our current students, we also stand with our area school systems to offer any available resources we have to help them deliver face-to-face instruction safely.”

The Educational Summit will take place during the last week of July, providing the leaders in attendance the opportunities to discuss viable solutions to some difficult circumstances preventing student learning.

A specific date and time has not been set.