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Roanoke Rapids police are in the process of interviewing possible suspects and reviewing video footage following a breaking and entering and vandalism at Roanoke Rapids High School early this morning.

As many as four people could be charged, interim Chief Bobby Martin said this afternoon and they are expected to face charges of misdemeanor breaking and entering and injury to real property.

Martin said determination of the charges comes after a review of North Carolina General Statutes. “We have thoroughly researched what we should charge these individuals with by going through the general statutes and elements.”

Martin said damage estimates are now around $7,200 although school system spokesman Les Atkins said that number could be as much as $8,500.

Martin said investigators and officers aren’t looking at the damages as an annual senior prank. “This is something more than a senior prank. It wasn’t a prank. There was damage to property and breaking and entering.”

The vandalism forced the closure of the school today. Atkins said, however, classes will resume as normal Wednesday.

Martin said anyone with information is encouraged to call the police department at 252-533-2810 or Crimestoppers at 252-583-4444. Additionally, he said anyone involved is encouraged to come forward and admit their participation.

Meanwhile, Atkins said the school system is expected to send out a statement on any disciplinary action pending formal charges by law enforcement.

Before the review of statutes by investigators, it had originally been indicated to the school system early today felony charges might be filed, Atkins said.

In addition to t toilet paper in the courtyard, the vandalism included Super Glue on door locks and vegetable oil on the historic high school’s hardwood floors.