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A 45-year-old Roanoke Rapids man has been charged in a crash this morning which caused a power outage in neighborhoods in and around Fourth and Jefferson streets.

Roanoke Rapids police Officer J. Rowland, with assistance from Lieutenant M. Moseley, charged Jason Thompson with DWI, careless and reckless driving and damage to property.

Chief Bobby Martin said Rowland discovered Thompson was visibly impaired after responding to the area.

Martin said earlier today it is believed the crash was related to heroin or fentanyl use.

Thompson, who broke his collarbone in the wreck, received a $1,000 bond and September 23 court date.

The crash damaged a power pole, which caused the outage to both electrical and cable service in the area. A stop sign was knocked over as well as a fire hydrant. A chain link fence in a private residence was also damaged when the man’s vehicle rolled over it.

Martin also said earlier today the crash caused around $15,000 in damages to Dominion infrastructure.