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The following are answers to rrspin.com questions for the Halifax County Board of Commissioner race:



Charlie Thomas “Chuck” Hasty Jr.   




Over 30 years as a public servant (law enforcement)


I received an Associate degree from Halifax Community College in Criminal Justice Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia Southern University. 

I hold an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate (NC Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission & NC Sheriff’s Training and Standards Commission), Criminal Investigator Certificate (NC Justice Academy) and I am a Certified Criminal Justice Instructor (NC Criminal Justice Training & Standards). I have received the following awards during my law enforcement career: Roanoke Rapids Optimist Club Law Officer of the Year, Halifax Community College Community Support Award, Roanoke Rapids Optimist Club Jay Harris Friend of Youth Award and The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Law Enforcement Commendation Medal.

Professional affiliations



Hear Our Voices (Board of Directors)

Halifax County Crime Stoppers (Board of Directors)

911 Advisory Board (former appointee) 

Member of Victory Baptist Church.

I have been married to my wife Tonya for 15 years.

I have three children Trey (27), Macie (21), and Karson (18). 

Political endorsements 

I have not sought any political endorsements; I am seeking the endorsement of all Halifax County residents. 

Why are you seeking this office and what makes you qualified to hold it when elected? 

Trying to make a positive impact for the county and all the residents. I have been a public servant for over 30 years.

Would you support a tax increase to support critical capital needs or critical recurring expenses? Please explain why or why not?

I am against tax increases.

Capital needs for each department should be submitted to the county manager. 

The county manager then makes a capital Needs/improvement plan to take care of these needs over time.

On critical recurring expenses, we need to find out why these are recurring. 

The department heads work with the county manager on a plan to see why it is recurring and budget for these expenses.

Where do you stand on the issue of school merger?


Commissioners have passed proposed dog-hunting regulations onto state lawmakers and thus far there has been no action on the matter. Do you support changes in dog-hunting regulations? Do you support different enforcement measures?

I consider myself a responsible and ethical hunter. Being so, I respect land/property owner’s rights. 

I personally still hunt and on occasion hunt with dogs as a guest.

In a perfect world hunters should respect property/land owner’s rights and property/landowners should respect hunter’s rights. 

I do not know what was submitted by our county commissioners and can’t comment on that particular regulation.

I will refer to the laws that are currently on the books and enforce them firmly and fairly on offenders.

NCGS 14-159.12. First-degree trespass.

NCGS 14-159.13. Second-degree trespass.

Landowner Protection Act Session Law 2011-231 House Bill 762

The Landowner Protection Act (H762) clarifies existing trespass laws, for the purposes of hunting, fishing, and trapping, to specify the requirements for written permission on posted land only. The law went into effect October 1, 2011.

The Landowner Protection Act addresses existing trespass law to strengthen and clarify four elements:

  1. Defines the requirements for written permission to hunt, fish, or trap on posted lands.
  2. Allows landowners to post land using purple paint marks or by placing signs or posters, as currently allowed.
  3. Allows Wildlife Officers to enforce trespass laws on site, instead of executing process issued by the courts.
  4. Removes the exemption for Halifax and Warren counties that requires landowners to initiate prosecution for trespass on posted lands.

The Landowner Protection Act specifically relates only to hunting, fishing, or trapping on posted lands. 

It clarifies the existing G.S. 14-159.6 requirement for written consent to hunt, fish, or trap on posted lands by specifying that written permission, dated within the past 12 months and signed by the landowner, lessee, or agent of that land, be carried and displayed upon request of any law enforcement officer. 

If a hunting club has leased the land, a person shall have a copy of their hunting club membership and a copy of the landowner permission granted to that hunting club.

The Landowner Protection Act does not change general trespass laws nor have any effect on lands which are not posted. 

It does not repeal any local acts currently in effect that require written permission to hunt, fish, or trap.

How would you go about recruiting economic development projects to locate in Halifax County?

Focusing on economic development for all of Halifax County by working with the municipalities on economic development together. 

Each part of the county has their own unique qualities, we need to focus on and develop these qualities. 

As the municipalities start thriving, then that causes a ripple effect for the entire county.

Keeping the great local business/industries here and looking for ways to create opportunities for new innovative sustainable industries to come to Halifax County creating jobs.

Working with federal, state entities along with the economic development board to provide incentives to attract business to the county.

Highlighting tourism in Halifax County: The Haliwa-Saponi Tribe’s annual Pow-Wow, Medoc Mountain State Park, Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Enfield is the oldest town in Halifax County, Lakeland Cultural Arts Center, Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum, Roanoke River, River Falls Park, Roanoke Rapids Lake, Lake Gaston and the great hunting and fishing in Halifax County.

Improving the educational systems in Halifax County.

Do you support construction of a new detention center, expansion of the existing facility or entering into a regional jail agreement? Please defend your answer?

Something needs to be done for the safety and security of the inmates and staff that work in the current detention center.

It is costing the taxpayers extra to house the inmates by shipping them to other facilities.

Both scenarios can be looked at to see which is more financially feasible.

Do you identify as a conservative, liberal, or moderate?


Do you support the continuance of Zoom remote meetings?

In person meetings can be conducted with safety precautions in place.

What is the biggest issue facing Halifax County and how would you address it when elected?

Economic Development, Internet Access and Education

Working with all stakeholders (federal/state/local), grant funding opportunities and private/public partnerships. 

Do you support raises for all county employees and do you go about sustaining those increases?

Yes, for all county employees.

Keeping and retaining qualified and hardworking county employees is a must.

Looking at what the county is required by law to fund, reducing wasteful spending, and using the competitive bid process for purchasing.

Who has been your biggest influence in your career?

My Family

Please provide a brief summation on what the board of commissioners would be like under your leadership?

Ensure a community network of basic human services and infrastructure that maintains, protects, and promotes the well-being of all county residents

Implement planning and economic development policies which create a balanced, dynamic local economy, and which promote diversity, sustainable growth, and enhanced revenue while embracing community values

Promote an interactive and engaging system of governance that reflects community values

Invest in quality county facilities, a diverse workforce, and technology to achieve a high performing County government

Create, preserve, and protect a natural environment that includes clean water, clean air, wildlife, important natural lands, and sustainable energy for present and future generations

Ensure a high quality of life and lifelong learning that champions diversity, education at all levels, libraries, parks and recreation