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United States Senator Thom Tillis announced Thursday that the federal department of transportation is providing North Carolina with seven RAISE grants totaling more than $65 million, bringing more infrastructure investments in addition to the billions of dollars already allocated to the state through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Tillis helped negotiate and pass into law. 

The allocation includes $9 million to be used by the North Carolina Department of Transportation for creating safer crossings in 12 counties which includes Halifax through the Walk NC program.

This project will add pedestrian countdown signal heads, crosswalks, and accessible routes at signalized intersections in 15 communities across North Carolina. 

This project will also include signal timing improvements and address sidewalk gaps at select locations.

“I’m proud to have worked on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that is delivering billions of dollars to build and fix North Carolina’s roads, highways, and bridges,” said Tillis. “These RAISE grants are a big win for North Carolina, as the transportation projects will enhance the safety and connectivity of transportation systems in communities across the state.”

NCDOT spokesman Andrew Barksdale said the department applied for a $9 million RAISE grant through the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and won it. 

The department will use that money and $3.3 million in local and state matches for a combined $12.3 million to upgrade over 200 traffic signals across 15 cities. 

The federal law requires NCDOT to apply for areas that are economically distressed or have high poverty rates so the department selected a section of Roanoke Rapids, which is one of the 15 communities to get the crosswalk/traffic signal upgrades under the federal grant. 

In the Roanoke Rapids area 19 signalized intersections will be upgraded with crosswalks, countdown signals and other equipment. Four will be upgraded in Weldon.

Specific improvements at signalized intersections will be determined as the project moves forward. 

The Improvements will focus on adding pedestrian signals and crosswalks to existing traffic signals. 

In some locations, it is possible that wheelchair ramps and short segments of sidewalk could be implemented.  In addition, in order to implement the pedestrian signals, the signal design will be adjusted or revised.

The department expects the Roanoke Rapids improvements to be completed by 2027. 

“NCDOT is thrilled to be awarded this substantial grant from our federal partners in Washington,” Barksdale said. “This money will improve safe access for pedestrians in Roanoke Rapids.”