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Halifax County commissioners Monday accepted a marketing plan presented by Visit Halifax for the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Halifax Resolves as well as the nation’s celebration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Halifax County Convention and Visitors Bureau President and CEO Lori Medlin said the kickoff begins April in Halifax and will run through July 4, 2026.

The marketing includes many different formats — from banners to wayfinding signage to magazine advertising, promotional photoshoots and videos.

Two different seals have been developed for Halifax — a quill pen representing the signing of the Resolves and a double H logo for Historic Halifax. “The town will be using this, the (historic) site will be using this, Halifax Restoration will be using this.”

The banners can be incorporated for use by the different towns in the county — for instance recognizing the 1759 Enfield riots or Persons Ordinary in Littleton. “We really want every community in Halifax County to be able to take these images, take these pieces and use it for their community and their special 250th event.”

Then there is the wayfinding package. “Did you know there are people who go to Historic Halifax and don’t know that they can come and eat at Two Doors Down or go to the Trophy Room or the Hen and the Hog? They can completely miss it because they’re not exactly next door.” 

The big signs will take visitors from the interstate into town, the next signs take visitors from the town to the historic site and then back to the town.

The town of Halifax will be installing special welcome signs on Highway 301. Visit Halifax will be funding the first phase of the wayfinding signs of which there will be two directing visitors back and forth from the site. “The county has agreed to install the signs which is a real cost savings for us,” Medlin said.

The in-town signs should be up by April and the interstate signs are expected to go up in 2025.

Visit Halifax will have a 250th landing page on its website at visithalifax.com/250. “That’s where all the information will be about what’s going on,” Medlin said, while on Facebook and Instagram events can be followed at america250halifaxnc. “We’ve started posting there but we want to do a lot more sharing what America’s doing, what the state is doing and sharing what we are doing here in Halifax County. That’s going to get revved up soon.”

Larry Perkins has been spreading the word about the event in towns. He was at Hobgood Monday and has been to Weldon. “He is really getting out there and telling that story,” Medlin said. 

She said while the nation is looking at the revolution and 1776 it is also concentrating on the concept of “when we were us. That allows us to open up this story and talk about everything that has happened in this country to make us American since 1776 through the Civil War, restoration, the civil rights movement. We have a really big story to tell and every community in Halifax County shares a piece of that story so we hope they will all have a story to tell, tell the story and put on events.”

While Historic Halifax has traditionally been the least visited attraction in the county, Medlin said, “We really want to move the needle on visitation here … we really have a goal to change that.”