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A 26-year-old Roanoke Rapids man has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Chesapeake teen.

Roanoke Rapids police Chief Shane Guyant said Demarcus Tyvon Gilbert confessed during an interview today to the death of 18-year-old Jamari Dejon Haskins and was jailed without the opportunity for bond. He is scheduled for a first district court appearance Friday.

While declining to discuss motive, Guyant said over the past 72 hours investigators obtained search warrants and conducted extensive forensic examinations within the Madison Street residence. “From these search warrants, several viable elements of evidence were located that determined that someone had shot Haskins inside the residence.”  

Furthermore, the police chief said that investigators have interviewed several individuals since Tuesday. “Individuals interviewed have been obstructive and uncooperative, to say the least.  However, the diligence of the Roanoke Rapids Investigations Division team determined that Gilbert was responsible for the death of Haskins.”

Guyant said this evening it is still not clear why Haskins was at the residence at 224 Madison Street when he was fatally shot shortly after midnight Tuesday. The shooting had originally been called into 911 as a drive-by.

Guyant praised investigators in a statement this evening. “We have assembled an incredible investigative team here over the past few months. Investigators with over 100 years of combined experience solved this case. Not calls from the public. Not informant information.  This case was solved due to investigative skill and hard work.”

He said, “We are not done with this investigation. There are still loose ends that need, and will, be tied up in the coming days. It amazes me regarding the lack of cooperation. The police department cannot be blamed for this. The blame is due to a serious lack of morality and decency.”

Said Guyant: “Young Mr. Haskins’ life was cut short, and people acted like they could care less.  This is beyond my understanding.  But rest assured, we are going to do everything in our power to find justice for the Haskins family.  I could not be prouder of our team of investigators.  They gave this case all they had this week.”