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Our department is continuing our eighth annual Safetypup program for our young children in preschool through fifth grade again this fall.

We are pleased with the materials and services provided by the National Child Safety Council.  Our department has received many compliments and thank you letters from the community and children regarding our program.

The Roanoke Rapids Police Department is currently mailing letters of request throughout Roanoke Rapids seeking financial support for this most worthwhile program.

The Safetypup program is solely provided by the generous contributions of our local concerned business, industrial, financial leaders, military, and civic organizations. We need their help to keep the Safetypup program ongoing each year. 

Officers from our department will visit with over 1,000 children.  

During their visits, they will distribute and discuss over 4,350 pieces of material. Recognition is given to all who contribute to our program on the prestige page of the work-study manuals. 

The program will begin this fall.

“The National Child Safety Council is a federal tax-exempt 501c3 not-for-profit organization, said Dale Royer, coordinator. “For over 68 years the NCSC has helped law enforcement throughout 48 states coordinate effective child safety educational programs. 

“The educator-designed materials Chief Guyant receives each year are filled with games, pictures, puzzles, riddles, rhymes, and songs. NCSC has developed a way to make the rules of safety fun and easy to learn – it’s called Safetypup. The materials reach youngsters at their age level and contain topics that can affect a child’s life.” 

Royer said, “Safetypup has become a safety hero and positive role model for our young children. Safetypup is a fun-loving puppy, and a visible reminder to stay safe and drug-free.” Anyone who would like to be included as a sponsor and help support this worthwhile program please feel free to send your donation.  

Please make your checks payable to the National Child Safety Council, and mail it to the Roanoke Rapids Police Department, PO Box 38, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870, attention Chief Shane Guyant. 

For online donations visit this link and use program # NC-43-C-02 when prompted.