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The Halifax County Public Health System is now aware of 609 confirmed novel coronavirus tests which have been performed on residents.

The latest report is as of midnight Sunday.

The number of positive cases which have been reported reflect those from the time the pandemic began. The approximate number of current cases can be determined by subtracting the total recovered cases from the total positive cases. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety does not list recovered cases in its updates and as of this report the number of positive cases at Caledonia Correctional Institution in Tillery continues to show 17.

The breakdown of those tests is as follows:

96 positive cases; one related death; and 56 recoveries.

There are 13 tests pending and 500 known negative results.

According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 dashboard, there are 41 positive cases within the Roanoke Rapids area ZIP code.

Health system Director Bruce Robistow said in his update this afternoon, “You will note that our trend is once again beginning to flatten. We added five cases on Saturday and zero were noted for yesterday.”

However, he said, some test results do not report as quickly as others. “Although the trend appears to flatten, it is doing so at a higher number than previous flattening, indicating continued efforts to mitigate this virus is strongly indicated and that we cannot forget the importance of following the executive orders and recommendations. Please be sure to practice appropriate social distancing, handwashing, respiratory hygiene, and wearing facial coverings whenever you are out in public.”

Northampton County 

In its update this afternoon, the health department said there are 124 total positive cases of COVID-19 of which 72 have recovered.

There are now nine related deaths in the county.

According to the congregate living data on the NCDHHS dashboard, five of the deaths have been reported at Rich Square Nursing and Rehabilitation and one at Pine Forest Rest Home in Potecasi.

“Our county has just been informed that we have two potential (novel coronavirus) related deaths,” the update said. “(The) Northampton County Health Department offers its sincerest sympathy for the families of these cases, and for all families and individuals impacted by (COVID-19) illness.”

According to NCDHHS, a novel coronavirus associated death is defined for surveillance purposes as a death resulting from a clinically compatible illness that was confirmed to be COVID-19 by an appropriate laboratory test. There should be no period of complete recovery between COVID-19 diagnosis and death. Based on this case definition and an investigation into the illnesses of these case patients, NCDHHS are classifying these events as COVID-19 related deaths.

“(The) Northampton County Health Department works hard to protect the privacy of individuals, and to respect the families of those cases who have passed-away. To that end, (the) Northampton County Health Department will not be sharing any further information.”