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Signature HealthCARE is adding the SAFEGUARD program to its comprehensive strategy to fight COVID-19.

It is a program which seeks to reduce and control infectious agents that can have serious medical consequences.

A primary platform in the program is the implementation of Viral Mitigation Solutions which is powered by Premier Workforce Solutions.

The program will be introduced in all of its 110 long-term care facilities located in 10 states.

“For Signature HealthCARE, 2021 is a year to go above and beyond with cutting-edge technology in the long-term care and skilled nursing sector,” the company said. “As our nation currently fights multiple strains of the unpredictable and virulent COVID-19 virus, Signature has been forward-thinking and aggressive in fighting this pandemic’s pathological and unforgiving behavior.”

The company said, “Recognizing the opportunity to excel and advance in a time of great change has always been a part of Signature’s mission:  To revolutionize healthcare and help our residents and staff live life with purpose.”

Viral Mitigation Solutions is an infection prevention and control platform that uses technologies proven to mitigate the transmission of infectious viruses with thermal inspection, ionic air circulation and cleaning — or aerosolized virus mitigation — and electrostatic sanitation that helps reduce infectious exposure to residents and staff who live and work in the facilities and their families who visit. “This multi-faceted and comprehensive infection prevention and control platform is critical in mitigating the transmission of infectious particulates, including viruses and pathogens that can lead to serious medical issues.”

A video on the components of this system can be found at this link  

Beyond the Premier Workforce Solutions system, Signature’s SAFEGUARD program includes the following:

Infection preventionist: Specially trained clinical leadership who provide real-time, evidence-based practices and customize those practices for each state, according to its specific guidelines and needs.

Vaccination program: Obtaining the needed vaccines for residents and staff for their protection both inside and outside facilities, and for the overall protection of communities. 

Onsite rapid testing: The ability to test at any time, with results in 15 minutes, allowing for quicker action and required protocol for the utmost safety of residents and staff.

Lab testing: The ability to have quick access to accurate lab results thanks to key partnerships with clinically approved laboratories.

24/7 care navigation: Access to clinical and transitional care resources at any time. One on one availability for clinical reviews and customer service needs. 

“For those who have been in the trenches of this fight against COVID-19, we know the strategies for fighting this virus can change at a moment's notice, and requires a pro-active, innovative and  effective counter-attack,” said E. Joseph Steier III, president and CEO. “Signature SAFEGUARD is a crucial part of that strategy. This new program took weeks of research, discussions, education and planning by many, including our medical experts and clinical teams, and hearing the needs of our leadership on the frontlines, and representatives from our frontline healthcare heroes.”