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A three-way bid for Halifax County sheriff is shaping up as Enfield town administrator and former police chief of the town Tyree Davis announced his intention to seek the office.

Halifax County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Scott Hall announced his candidacy in August of last year and former North Carolina State Highway Patrol Sergeant Jimmie Silver announced his bid in September.


Davis released the following statement today:

“It is time we get tougher on crime and that is why I am announcing my intent to run for sheriff of Halifax County.

When I became chief of police for the town of Enfield we had a relationship issue that was not up to par with our community. Needing change, we started building a new relationship from the ground up. Our goal was to improve the quality of life by focusing on safety and security while being transparent.” 

Said Davis: “As chief of police we got tougher on crime by serving more search warrants related to criminal and drug offenses. We recovered more illegal weapons and drugs than in the previous decade. We validated and charged more gang members than in the history of the department. We were the first agency in the area to charge individuals with ‘committing a crime for the purpose, and benefit of a gang’ which provides for a sentence enhancement at conviction.

“We asked our court system that common thieves and repeat offenders be prosecuted as ‘habitual offenders.’ This status enhances their sentence when found guilty.”

As a result, Davis said, “Some cleaned up their act, others went to prison and some even packed up and moved out of our jurisdiction. This focus, proactiveness and transparency helped us improve the quality of life. Soon we were able to gain the trust and respect of our community.

“It has not been easy, but Enfield has changed over the years. Our police department now has the best relationship with our citizens, and they trust us. This is because under my leadership we did exactly what I said we would do to improve their quality of life. I was open and honest to the community. I listened to their concerns and acted on them. I required training and education for our officers because a better-trained officer is a more confident and productive officer. With this training our officers worked more proactively than reactively. This proactiveness was instrumental in improving the community.” 

Davis said, “Being tougher on crime is easier when agencies work together. During my 16-plus years in law enforcement we continue to struggle to work together among agencies. We need our agencies to talk to each other, share information, and resources. Getting tougher on crime means working with our neighboring counties, too. Believe it or not, people cross county lines with the sole intentions of committing crimes. Communicating and working together will provide the highest level of safety and security for our communities and officers.” 

He said, “I have lived in different areas within this county throughout my life. One concern expressed from all areas has been safety and security. My background and upbringing motivated me. In fact, I have used these experiences to start discussions and build relationships throughout this county. As a law enforcement officer, it is imperative people know you can relate to their situation. If people trust and respect you, they are more willing to work with you to make their community safer. Over the years I have gained their trust and respect.” 

Davis said, “I am the only candidate for sheriff of Halifax County that has experience heading a law enforcement agency. I am the only candidate that has proven leadership skills and abilities as the head of a law enforcement agency. I served as the police chief and currently the town administrator of Enfield. I have a master’s degree in public administration, bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, am certified in city and county management from the UNC School of Government. I have management training from Wilson and Wake Tech community colleges. I have two advanced law enforcement certifications. As a result of my training and leadership I have been recognized as an ‘elite’ law enforcement officer for the state of North Carolina. My proven leadership, skills and abilities during my law enforcement career gives me an advantage in serving you as sheriff of Halifax County.”

Davis said, “As sheriff, I will be a law enforcement officer and not a politician, as that is what is required to be fair and show dignity and respect to all people. As I have done before, I will retain and build a law enforcement team that you can trust and count on. As your sheriff, I will work hard for you, your family, and your community to provide safe neighborhoods.

“I have built a reputation of being someone that is fair, firm, and consistent. Considering my experiences, leadership, resume, and proven abilities to lead with dignity and respect, why would you not vote for me?

“Now that I have your support, I not only need your vote, but I need your open support. Please help me reach your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and church members to secure their vote and open support.”