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Candidates in the Halifax County Board of Commissioners race will go another round in November as Republican Sammy Webb will vie to unseat one of the three winners in Tuesday’s primary.

According to unofficial results, incumbent commissioner and current board Chair Vernon Bryant was the top vote-getter in the race, collecting 4,160 votes. He was followed by challenger Chenoa Richardson Davis who got 3,467.
Incumbent Rives Manning earned 2,747 and was trailed closely by challenger Chuck Hasty who collected 20 less votes than Manning.
Hasty was followed by challengers Bruce Temple — 13.24 percent of the votes — Trian Hammie — 12.06 percent of the votes — and Denise Sneed Savage — 7.57 percent of the votes.
Despite the closeness in the third-place spot, Hasty said, “Whatever the outcome of the process is, I’m good with it either way.”
Manning acknowledged the race is not over. “The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. I’m surprised that no more advertising than he (Hasty) did, he did as well as he did.”
Manning said he was appreciative of the support he received. “I’m sorry we didn’t have enough to go through with a landslide. There’s always the possibility of a recount.”
(The canvas of the ballots is set for May 27 at 11 a.m. in the commissioners room of the Historic Courthouse on King Street in Halifax)
Bryant said, “I give honor to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I just want to thank my family, friends and supporters for their strong vote of confidence in me. I thank the other candidates for their participation. I just look forward to the general election in November.”
Said Davis: “I’m just looking forward to November to make it official. It has been an eye-opening experience that I have never experienced, just to see how powerful votes can be.”
Webb said his plan is to reach out to people who don’t normally participate in the political process.
“When I start dealing with the issues one is building a new and modernized jail,” he said. “Deputies should not have to transport people to other jails across the state. Crime is too high. Violent criminals belong in jails and not on the streets costing taxpayers.”
Webb said he will also focus on recruiting jobs and industry in Halifax County. “I believe we must find industries and companies that pay a liveable wage and give benefits to employees.”
From 1986 to 1988 Webb worked at Patch Rubber and made $8.55 an hour. “That’s higher than the minimum wage now.”
He referred to the Halifax County Corporate Park which currently has no activity. “I will not spend taxpayers’ money on proposed economic development projects unless they are economically feasible. I will also make a thorough investigation on any potential companies that plan to come to Halifax County so that our tax dollars are not wasted.”
With the highest inflation in some 40 years, he said, which has affected gas and grocery prices, “I will not raise property taxes in Halifax County. For the last 22 years I’ve been fighting for criminal defendants. Now I want to fight for the citizens of Halifax County.”
Halifax County School Board
Incumbents Claude Cooper and Joyce Lashley were returned to office while challenger Michael Hawkins Sr. earned a seat on the board.
Enfield Town Board
Challenger William M. Robinson defeated incumbent Mayor Wayne Anderson.
In the Enfield Town Board District A race incumbent Bobby Whitaker was returned to office.
In the Enfield Town Board District B race incumbent Kenneth Ward was returned to office.