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This year marked the third time Tyree Davis has run for Halifax County sheriff.

This election cycle he won, collecting 38.25 percent of the vote, to edge out current sheriff’s office Chief Deputy Scott Hall and retired trooper Jimmie Silver.

Davis, according to unofficial results, collected 3,007 votes. Hall collected 2,871 while Silver got 1,983.

With the win Davis will become the first African American sheriff in the county.

“I’m excited and honored that the citizens decided to elect me as their sheriff,” Davis, who currently serves as Enfield town administrator and was the town’s former police chief, said. “It’s about wanting to provide a certain level of safety and security for the citizens of Halifax County and those that come through our county.”

Davis said he has already spoken with several deputies. “I’ve let them know they have a home at the sheriff’s office. I’m not going to beg anyone to stay or force anyone to leave.”

He said there is the possibility that some current employees who choose to stay may be reassigned while some may keep their current positions. “We have some great deputies.”

On becoming the first Black sheriff of Halifax County, Davis said, “I’m honored that the citizens elected me to be the first but it’s sad we’re in 2022 and there’s still firsts when it comes to race, color, and gender for any position. Even though I am the first African American sheriff it was the county as a whole that voted me in. Even though I am the first, I hope that other qualified minority candidates will have the same opportunities in the future.”

He said he plans on meeting with sheriff’s office department heads to see what’s been going well and see what needs to be modified. “I plan to be firm and consistent and hold law enforcement to be accountable and be proactive and not reactive so we become co-active when the community and law enforcement works together to deter crime.”

Hall directed rrspin to his statement on his campaign and personal Facebook page.

“I have and will continue to live a Godly life. Although I am disappointed in the election outcome, I would like to congratulate Tyree Davis.”

The statement continued, “I also would like to thank so many that came out to support me through this journey. You, my supporters, have been phenomenal throughout this process and I’ll always be thankful for you. I have served this wonderful county for more than 26 years and poured my heart and soul into it. I trust that God will allow me to continue to serve you in some capacity.

“Thank you to my lovely wife, Renee and my two wonderful kids for weathering the storm by my side. God Bless you all and thank you again for your dedicated support.”