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Chief District Court Judge Brenda Green Branch will be the new Halifax County Superior Court judge after her victory over the sitting judge and a Roanoke Rapids attorney who sought the seat.

According to unofficial results, Branch got 46.98 percent of the votes to defeat Judge Norlan Graves and attorney Geoffrey Davis. Graves collected 28.03 percent of the votes while Davis collected 24.98 percent.

“I just want to thank the people of Halifax County,” Branch said this morning.

She said her initial goal is to try “to bring everybody together and plan how we move forward to bring out the best in Halifax County.”

Branch said she will work to start rebuilding trust in the judicial system. “I want to work to shape our vision, enhance the things that need to be enhanced and move forward.”

Branch said she believed it was her years of experience and working with the people which helped move her to victory. “I think everyone came together to know what I do is for the people of the county and being able to trust that I will work hard.”

With a new sheriff being elected — Tyree Davis — and a new district attorney being elected — Kim Gourier Scott — as well as a trend of mistrust in the judicial system, Branch said, “I think it’s important we talk about our needs and build our trust in the judicial system. We have to work together and work on what our goals are.”

Still, Branch pointed to her years of experience on the bench. “I think it was just knowing my work through the years. I think they trust I will work hard. I don’t believe there was a magic wand. This was an across the board win and in the end it all came together to get some experienced leadership.”

In an election which saw a 25.44 percent turnout, Branch said, “I feel that Halifax County spoke, the citizens spoke and weighed in about their needs and leadership and experience. I think they spoke loudly and clearly for placing their trust in me.”

Other races

In other races tied to the judicial and law enforcement system, Halifax County incumbent Clerk of Court Becky Spragins defeated challenger James Mills, collecting 57.99 percent of the votes.

In Northampton County, incumbent Sheriff Jack Smith sailed to victory over challenger Tony Burnette. Smith collected 75.80 percent of the votes.