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Mabel Thomas Floyd King, born April 18, 1916 to Joseph Hubert Floyd, and Lillie Thomas High Floyd, was born and grew up a little West of Gaston, NC.  

Her children are Thomas Moore King and Emily Diana King.  She has three Grandchildren, and one Greatgrandchild.

Mabel was married to Thomas Jefferson King (deceased), of Gasburg, Va.  They were married soon after Thomas came home after World War II, and built a home near Gasburg, where they raised their two children.

This family owned and ran Tom Tucker’s Campground the first ten years after Lake Gaston was formed.

Mabel was much loved by many people that knew her.  

She remembered everyone she ever met, where they lived, what they did, and who their children were.  

This was a lot of people, but she had an incredible memory that served her faithfully up to her last year.  

When she was 106, Tom could ask her a question about something that happened decades ago, or what someone’s name was, and she would have complete recall.

She was very active in the Church that her Husband Thomas’s Father, C.B. King had built in 1923, Olive Branch Methodist Church in Gasburg, Va.   

She played piano and organ there for over 60 years, and sometimes sang Lead Soprano in the Choir.  Her singing voice was always heard by everyone in church, and it was a good addition.

Mabel was known as a fabulous cook her whole life.  She was especially known for baking cakes and pies, including her famous Pecan Pie.

Her sister told a story about her working in their family kitchen at home.  

The family had a fairly sizable farm, and workers came to the house to eat.  

Lily Mae, Mabel’s older sister, said that Mabel would hand the workers plates and forks, tell them where to sit, and what they were having for Dinner.  

One worker told her she was “running that place like a hotel.” Mabel was eight years old.

Mabel had a great sense of humor, and joked during most conversations.  

She raised spirits wherever she was a participant.  She lived in assisted living for a couple of years before she moved in with Tom and Pam King her last three years.  

Everyone in assisted living enjoyed her, she had everyone at whatever table she was eating laughing and in good spirits. 

Tom and Pam carried her back to one Assisted Living place to visit some friends she had made there.  

One asked her if she was taking it easy.  Her immediate answer was, “I can’t do anything else,” to which everyone laughed along with her.  

When any of the Nurses handled her during her last year, she would have each of them laughing too, including in the hospital when she was going in for an X-ray, or waiting long hours in the Emergency Room.  

When coming out from under anesthesia from getting a pin put in a broken leg when she was 106 years old, a Nurse asked her what year it was and where she was.  

She said, “It’s 1935 and I’m home in bed.”  

The Nurse told her it was 2023 and she was in the hospital.  Mabel’s laughing answer was, “Well I’m Way behind then.”

Mabel never complained about anything, and always shared joy with anyone who had success in anything, even as simple as getting a passing grade in school.   

She was known, loved, and will be missed by many.

Services will be held at Olive Branch Methodist Church Gasburg, VA Wednesday May 24th at 11:00am. Visitation is at 10:30am at the church. 

In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be made to Olive Branch United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 65, Gasburg, VA 23857.

Online condolences may be left at wrennclarkehagan.com