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First, I would like to thank Mr. Lance Martin for acknowledging the crimes that took place on February 26, 2022, at BP gas station at approximately 10:18 a.m. and, in addition, for not revealing who I was at that time. 

However, the suspect has now been apprehended and appears no longer a threat to this area. 

(Editor's note: According to the Halifax County Sheriff's Office and Roanoke Rapids Police Department, no notification has been provided to the agencies that Ewers has been apprehended.)

I am anxious to clarify what occurred on that day to the unknown African American female. 

The unknown African American female was Ms. Denise Sneed Savage who is currently running for a Halifax County Commissioners’ seat. 

Importantly, this is my second time participating for this interesting position.  

I am a well-known prominent citizen, who has served my community and other communities in numerous positions. 

On February 26,2022, this Halifax County candidate was traveling to Enfield, N.C., to campaign for the position mentioned previously. 

I stopped at the BP station to obtain some gas and to encourage people to vote for me. 

This was a usual route for my campaign activity. 

However, this morning I observed a sign in their window that reported career opportunities for unemployed workers. 

Moreover, the hours were full time with insurance benefits. 

Nevertheless, I asked the store clerk for some applications for young unemployed residents in my hometown of Enfield, N.C.  

The store clerk was excited and indicated that she could print 10 applications. 

Once she provided me with the applications, I thanked her and returned to my car. 

I noticed that there were only four applications, and the store clerk had forgotten to print six. 

In addition, I returned  back to the store and explained to her that there were only four applications and would it be asking too much for her to print the other six. 

She said “no problem” while she continued to wait on other customers. 

While waiting for the other applications a White caucasian came in the store and purchased a beer. 

He asked the store clerk if he could stand in the store to wait for his wife to come back and get him because she left him at the store. 

The store clerk informed the fugitive inmate Jason Ewers that he could not stand in the store. 

The store clerk also advised him that he could not drink that beer on the premises either. 

The wanted fugitive inmate Jason Ewers replied that “I would never do that ma'am.” 

Once the caucascian inmate fugitive Jason Ewers went outside the store, he circled around the back, ran around the front of my car, and jumped in the driver’s side of my vehicle. 

I jumped in the back of my car not realizing that I had left my keys in the car. 

I asked the inmate politely to get out of my car two times. He remained in the seat but never said or replied to anything I said. 

He started my car up and mashed on the gas as hard as he could and started to drive around the gas station speeding at least 40-45 mph. 

I realized that this fugitive was attempting to kidnap me in broad daylight. 

I immediately jumped out of the car because there was no reasoning with this fugitive inmate Jason Ewers, who appeared to be on drugs. 

He had recently escaped previously from another area in Roanoke Rapids. 

When I hit the concrete and fell backwards and busted my head the fall gave me a laceration. In addition, three knots on my head and excessive track marks from the impact on the cement had transferred to my left thigh, sprained my knee and my right toe became swollen. 

I never dreamed that a fugitive inmate was on the loose. 

The fugitive was determined that he was going to take someone’s vehicle, and it didn’t matter if someone was in the car. 

I shall accept responsibility for leaving the keys in my car, but usually when you catch a thief, and they know they have been caught a normal thief would have jumped out and ran. Nevertheless, if there had been preventive measures provided in the area for this fugitive, maybe this incident could have been eliminated because inmate Ewers, had already embedded in his neurons that he was going to hijack a car, kidnap a taxpayer, and steal their personal property. 

If public safety had been already put in place after the fugitive had escaped maybe this incident could have been better managed. 

The witnesses had advised those officers that he had headed south on Interstate 95. 

If there had been a roadblock implemented on 95 south I really don’t believe that this violent fugitive would have escaped to Norfolk, Virginia.  

During this traumatic episode there has been a setback in my part time work activities. 

For example, I have not been able to substitute for Halifax County Public Schools. 

The Tigers, Eagles, and Hornets were motivating me and showering this retiree with lots of love and positive energy. 

This is a shout-out to the 21st Century scholars read to succeed. 

In addition, a special thanks to my military sons (Northwest Vikings) Mr. Chinua Sharif Savage, engineer, Langley Airforce Base, Mr. Dayvon Naquez Savage (an active Army Fireman) Mr. David Lee Savage, (an Active Specialist) Deneatrelle Zynequa Savage (Kipp Pride) Manager for Veterans’ Suicidal Program (Research Triangle). A special shout out to Weldon High School Chargers and Weldon Staff for okaying my internship project.

I concluded that there is a need for me to realize that this is the 21st Century and not the 20th Century. 

You must always be aware of your surroundings because public safety is not what it used to be and stakeholders do not communicate effectively, and people’s safety is not imperative, and a lot of elderly people in the communities are living in fear.  

Therefore, the trust between law enforcement and most citizens does not exist. I do not hope to experience a hijacking, kidnapping, or stolen property any time soon because I plan to get a permit to bear arms. 

A lady has a right to protect herself and I shall be so ever ready. 

Importantly special thanks to God for sparing my life to tell this personal story. 

Additionally, special thanks to Mr. Lance Martin, and rrspin for giving this Halifax County commissioner candidate an opportunity  to write a detailed account of this traumatic experience that encouraged me to reflect about the unexpected experience — Denise Sneed Savage