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Cul Priest Jones, who eluded law enforcement for slightly more than six months until his capture outside Roanoke Rapids Friday morning is now being housed in Raleigh’s Central Prison, state Department of Public Safety records show.

What remains unclear is how Jones escaped from Hoke Correctional Institution on October 14 of last year.

“There’s been quite an investigation on how he escaped,” said John Bull, a spokesman for DPS. “There has been no final determination. An outcome is expected in the near future.”

In a statement sent out last week Bull noted Jones was found standing on a street corner and fled on foot when officers approached. He was apprehended and taken for medical attention for non-life threatening injuries.

DPS has charged him with escape.

He also faces other charges from the Roanoke Rapids Police Department, Halifax County Sheriff’s Office, Northampton County Sheriff’s Office, Warren County Sheriff’s Office and Brunswick County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office.

Those charges reflect crimes authorities say Jones committed while on the lam.

Those warrants have not been served.

Jones was serving a sentence for first-degree burglary when he escaped.

He had been admitted to prison on September 30, 2014, and had been scheduled for release on January 7, 2023.