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City council will study tennis court repair cost estimates presented Wednesday night by Parks and Recreation Director John Simeon.

The estimates Simeon presented to council came after residents highlighted recreation needs during a meeting last month.

Simeon first presented to the panel a proposal from Enfield-based Outer Banks Tennis Contractors to repair four hard tennis courts at T.J. Davis for a total of $144,708, with an additional $75,000 cost for LED lighting.

The second proposal was for repairing six hard courts at Emry Park for a total of $225,833, with an additional $110,000 for LED lighting.

At T.J. Davis OBTC proposes to remove all existing fencing, asphalt and concrete from the site.

The company would supply and install a treated wood curb around the perimeter of the courts and install 3 additional inches of compacted stone to achieve 6 inches of compacted stone base.

Eight net post bases would be installed for United States Tennis Association play along with the required netting posts and nets.

The proposal also includes the required line painting, acrylic resurfacer and sand-filled color coats as well as 10-feet fencing with two gates.

Workmanship is guaranteed for five years.

The same work is proposed for Emry, just on a larger scale to accommodate repairs to six courts instead of four.

“I’d like to think about that,” Councilman Wayne Smith said, the rest of the panel agreeing more time was needed to study the proposals.

Sarah Harris, who made a presentation to council about the conditions of tennis courts in the city last month, said after Simeon’s presentation she hopes council can come up with a solution which meets its budget and needs. “I would rather they take time to talk about this than make a rash decision. I’m just pleased they brought this to the table.”

She said her group of concerned residents will “try to do what we can to move this forward. Our group would be willing to come up with fundraisers.”