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The percent positive rate for new cases of COVID-19 took another downturn today and is at 4.1 percent, the Halifax County Health Department reported.

The department reported four new cases of the virus which brings the cumulative total since last March to 5,007. There have been 97 related deaths.

Numbers on positives by ZIP code were not available today. Numbers on recoveries and current cases were also not available.

This marks another decline in the number of new positive cases since the health department’s report on February 24 which showed the percent positive rate at 6.1 percent.

“It’s incredible news,” health Director Bruce Robistow said this afternoon. “Congratulations to many of the citizens of Halifax County for getting great results in your efforts to work together to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We have gone from greater than 17 percent positive cases to less than 5 percent in just a matter of weeks.”

Robistow said the decrease is attributed to “more of the population practicing the Three Ws — handwashing, wearing a mask, and social distancing — and to people getting vaccinated.”

He said, referring to the Three Ws and vaccinations, “Continuing our efforts for a couple of more months can get us to the needed herd immunity that will finally get us back to living normal. Let’s continue to work together so we can have an enjoyable summer of 2021.”

Despite the good news today, Robistow said Halifax County continues to be in the critical red category. “We anticipate dropping out of the red category as soon as next week. The data used to determine these categories is a retrospective back for a couple of weeks.”

The new percentage rate, he said, however, isn’t a license to stop practicing the measures in place. “We are finally getting rewarded for some doing the right thing. Now is not the time to stop, it’s time to get even more motivated to practice the Three Ws and get vaccinated to keep our numbers down.”

In its regular Wednesday data report the health department reported the following:

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Race/Ethnicity 

These numbers decreased after a peak the week of January 9.

Percent Positive of COVID-19 Cases

“This gives us an idea of the number of cases with respect to the amount of testing being done,” the health department said. “These are only calculated using results from labs that report to the state. The percent positive has decreased over the past week, with a two-week average of 4.1 percent.”

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Age  

Ages 25-49 represent the largest age group who have tested positive this past week.

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Congregate Living Setting Association

After a peak the week of January 30, the numbers decreased for the past week.