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Halifax County Commissioner Carolyn Johnson told fellow board members today she would not seek re-election next year.

Her announcement came near the end of the board’s meeting.

In her professional life, Johnson said, “When people would ask me when I was going to retire I’d say well I’ll know when it’s time so today I’d like to announce that I will not file for re-election for the next term.”

One of the reasons she cited was a close friend going through several health issues. “She has moved closer to me and so I want to be available.”

Johnson said when she retired as an educator she wanted to go to a school of theology “because I have been a Sunday school teacher for than 20 years in the adult classes and also 20 years for the adult Bible classes — not to be a minister but to do more research and studying so it’s my intent to do that. That’s on my bucket list.”

Johnson, referring to her late husband Horace, said, “I had a mentor and that mentor always said that when you start something make sure you finish it. I am going to complete my term but I will not file for re-election for the next term.”

Johnson said many of the things the board wanted to accomplish such as broadband is coming to fruition. “I’m excited about that and then there’s other projects that I’m still concerned about so I will complete this term.”

Board Chair Vernon Bryant said, “I understand that you’re not going to seek re-election but at the same time what you could bring to the table and what you offered these county commissioners is just beyond belief to me.”

Bryant said even in discussions of some of the most complicated matters Johnson could pick them apart and analyze them “and just give good information about it on some of the most difficult cases.”

Bryant told Johnson, “I wish you godspeed. I hate to see you not running for re-election because I think you not only have been a great commissioner, you’ve been an excellent commissioner. You’ve served very honorably. I know the Hollister community and Halifax County including the board and the town government  — everybody’s mighty proud of you and what you bring to the board and what you offer.”